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The Reasons Why You Should Use Cast Iron Pan
Cast iron is a product that is very favored by the outstanding advantages that it brings.
Advantages of cast iron:
1. Use less oil when frying
The reason for the common frying oil fat is due to the anti-sticking of the rope is not good. Therefore, to overcome the above, cast iron pan was nắp hố ga bằng gang thành an born to help you use less oil but still eat good food.
2. Keep good heat
With the good heat retention properties of cast iron and the dense cast of molten cast iron castings, cast iron pans often have excellent thermal retention. This is great for hot foods. This is a useful kitchen tool for home meals.
3. Safe to use in the oven
One of the great advantages of cast iron cookware is that it can be used on a wide range of cookers, including magnetic cookers, ceramic cookers and especially in the oven. This advantage is very convenient when you need to reheat food that is available in the oven.
4. High durability
The product line is more durable than aluminum and stainless steel but extremely reasonable price. Especially, nap gang ho ga with the high quality cast iron, the more you use will feel the product more durable.
5. Easy to clean
In the kitchen, many housewives have been "wasting energy" in cleaning. Sometimes, when the pots are finished, they are no longer able to enjoy good food. However, when coming to the iron pan, you are completely comfortable with sanitary.
6. Can be used on many types of cookers
With good cast iron, you can easily use cast iron pan in the kitchen such as coal stove, magnetic stove, wood stove, electric stove and gas stove. No matter which type of kitchen, the product works best.
7. Flexible operation
Not only can it be used as frying pan, the nắp hố ga composite cast iron pan allows you to prepare many delicious dishes such as roast, roast, stew, on ... This type of pan brings high convenience for housewives.
8. Life is almost eternal
This product is used for a long song chắn rác time. If you are old you can easily refresh in a short time.
With the advantages that the product line cast iron castings, this is the type of pan is very sought after this year. Please contact us for support.
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